remember the downton abbey zombiepocalypse fic?
MAN, DO I EVER. I’m who-knows-how-many seasons behind on DA, but it’s still my one hope that Edith becomes a badass zombie killer. *fingers crossed*

when in doubt, zombies.

goddammit, self. I told you that you couldn’t write this for MANY, MANY different reasons, and now you’ve gone and put two sentences on paper, and that’s just the end of that, now isn’t it?

fourteenacross said: That’s why you have an iPhone.

I’m having trouble getting the answer, and it’s easier to do intensive scouring and multiple tab opening on the computer. :(

I know I’ll have time on my hands at work this week, but I also don’t want a lot of googling of gunshot wound recovery in my work history.

the internet has ceased to produce sherlock/mary/john fic at the rate I require.

ahahhaha I wrote 6000 words this year ahahhaha


Love these art pieces by deviantart’s matthewhoworth.

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AU MEMEpre-Iron Man body swap

"That’s it, Tony! The goatee is coming off!"
"Nooo, Pep! I swear, I won’t do anything else!"
"On top of all the partying you’ve been doing, you had a threesome with two strippers and everyone thinks it was me! My mom left me a horrified voicemail! This is it! Bye bye goatee!”

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"my six word story"

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